Automate your Digital Marketing

Generate ad campaigns targeted to your most profitable audiences
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Ad campaigns tailored for you

Create targeted Google Ads and Facebook campaigns based on your top customers, campaigns, and content
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How It Works

Analyze Customers

Analyze Top Customers

Connect your Google Analytics, Adwords, Shopify, and Facebook accounts to identify your most profitable audiences

Launch Campaigns

Generate Campaigns

Automatically create Google Ads and Facebook ad campaigns targeted to those specific audiences

Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance

Sign off on your favorite campaign and monitor day-to-day performance with in-depth analytics and insights 

How it works

Complete view of your top customers

Uncover your most profitable audiences by analyzing demographics across web traffic, e-comm, social, and previous ad campaigns

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Campaigns tailored for you 

Receive suggestions on how to improve existing campaigns or launch new ones based on the latest behavior of your customers.

Data is analyzed at an aggregate level so
no sensitive or PII data is shared

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